Thursday, November 8, 2007

Day 57

Refrigerator Graveyard
Right next to my favorite coffee shop, The Daily Rise ...and don't worry, I don't go there for coffee, mormon's don't do that ;-) ... there are a bunch of old refrigerators. Every time I drive through to get my Guava Smoothie (or as we call it at work, Guapo), I kinda feel bad for the poor things.

What you don't see is Larry & his one eyed friend Mo just outside the frame, eating their wonder bread sandwiches and telling me about the Japanese ghost named Konnichiwa that haunts them...I love downtown Ogden!


jo said...

Think of all the great history and family gatherings they've seen. I actually felt bad when we had to "graveyard" our fridge. It was there through Thanksgivings, a wedding openhouse, Christmas feasts, kids learning to cook and shop for mom, friends over for lunches, etc etc etc. I know, sounds silly, but I actually feel bad for all those fridges too!

Cecily R said...

I think I need to meet Larry and Moe.

Have you named these refridgerators that you feel empathy for? I think the one on the far right looks like a Phyllis.