Friday, November 23, 2007

Day 72

I'm so tired

This Nutcracker looks like he is made of chocolate. I think it would be better if he was.



It's Saturday the 24th and I'm just realizing how incredibly lame this post is. I was so tired last night that it seemed incredibly funny. :-) Sorry.


Cecily R said...

It so looks like chocolate and you are funny!! Right now I am high on pain killers for my out of whack hip though, so I may not be the best person to go to on this one...

Yummy. Chocolate soldiers are my favorite.

jo said...

I don't know why you think this post is so lame. It looks quite festive to me....and the person in charge of decorating this lovely holiday scene probably thinks it's just fabulous! As do I! They would be thrilled that they were featured in the infamous 3-6-5!! Will you feel better when 'The Nutcraker' is over with? You must tell us sometime your experience, why the "mad face" and all the anxiety over this particular production!