Thursday, October 11, 2007

Day 29

2nd Street
You want the story? Well the story is...I'm a Dork! Actually, it's this:

Several years ago, when the 2nd "X-Men" movie came out, the girls in my office decided that we needed X-Men names. Well, mine wasn't very hard to come up with, it's "Distract-o." And not for a good reason either. It isn't because I'm distract-ing, it's because I'm distract-ed. I will swear on my dearly departed grandparents, I HAVE A. D. D.!


Back to the story. This week I've had about a million things running through my head and grand plans for a photo for today (I won't tell you what it is, I'm still going to do it). Well, my friend Lara asked me if I wanted to come see a movie in Salt Lake with her and I said that I would. Well, that killed my plans for a pic. But today, I decided that I had way to much to do to go to a movie, so I had better not go with her.

Yay! The shoot was back on.

So, I got off work and headed to Costco to pick up the prints of the photos I did for my friend Cecily yesterday, and when I saw them I knew that I had to get them to her immediately. So I called her and said "I'm on my way!" And thoughts for anything even remotely having to do with the 365 Project flew out the window.

Not long after I called Cecily, I realized "Crap! I have to shoot something!" So I decided that at the next stop light I'd find something to shoot. At the time of my realization, I was on 36th Street. It took me all the way to 2nd Street to get a stop light, and this is my result.

See what I mean? A. D. D.


Em-Cat said...

Not a bad pic...though I got a little sea sick during your explanation...I'm not feeling so good...

jo said...

I'm glad you stopped long enough to take the picture! Just think---all those people in those cars and trucks-going their separate ways have no idea they are the stars of Day 29!

Cecily R said...

Snort! :)

Sarah said...

Wow! that was a long explination Distract-o. I really like the photo, so being and X-woman yesterday was'nt so bad. By the way, were you going to come and see me when you were in Salt Lake.

Bee-Lissa said...

No, Distract-ina (Sarah), if I had made it to Salt Lake...well, I probably wouldn't have come to see you...sorry! Next time I make it down that way I'll think about coming to see you, then I'll probably get distracted by something and forget.

Glad you (all) like the photo!

Gigi said...

It's a decent action shot! I don't know you, just stumbled upon your blog and now I look forward to seeing your new pic every day! I'm originally from Utah and just LOVE seeing some of the old scenery!