Sunday, October 14, 2007

Day 32

Sunday Dinner

My photos yesterday and today haven't exactly been awe inspiring. I apologize that they've been a bit, well, snap-shotty, but there is a reason. This is a photo of my mother and sister (and I) having Sunday dinner at the stupid hospital. Yup, my Dad is in the hospital. So with that and ... well, other crap, I haven't had much time to be artistic.

I promise I'll be better this week... or not... I'll do what I can. :-)

Oh, by the Dad is OK. He just has ... well, Heart Disease... he'll be fine. He has a great cardiologist and the way things have happened with this "episode," we know he's supposed to be OK.


Manic Mom said...

Found you from the awesome pics you took for Cecily's kids and she was telling me about your 3-6-5 project so i wanted to come check it out. Hope your dad is OK! Hope that hospital food didn't suck as much as it probably did! : )

Cecily R said...

Hey Mel-

Hope your dad is okay. Call me and give me an update! Your mom and sis are so cute! :)

Em-Cat said...

I love the picture! Mom and Sarah are great inspirations for photos...

naomi3 said...

Hey Mis,

Waiting patiently to hear about your Dad. Love your blog! How do you get people to look at it?

Signed perplexed! :)

love ya