Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day 43

Cool Shoes

My friend Shannon always used to say "Cool Shoes!" It didn't even have to be about shoes, though she loved "cool shoes." This shot made me think of her. I like thinking about Shan, it makes me smile. (This is for you Jo!)


jo said...

awwwww....COOL SHOES! And these shoes ARE cool shoes!
*sniff sniff* makes me think happy emotional thoughts. I think your friend Shan would like a pair of these very shoes!
A KitKat for you for this pix!

Leslie said...

Sweet shoes :)!

Cecily R said...

Now I have the stupid "Moon Shoes, Moon Shoes!" commercial stuck in my head. Now you suck, not me! Now I'm going into my corner to sing that stupid song and sulk. BOOOOO.

Deppe's Eh? said...

Like this pic - a lot!

rachel said... ARE the photographer! perhaps you don't even need one if you have a self timer ;)

very cool concept. i'll be checking in to see what appears daily. i admire your consistency. i would last a few days and then it would be very sporatic.