Thursday, July 3, 2008

Day 295

Oh yeah...SUSHI BABY!!!
Knowing how much I love Sushi, my friend Jo sent me a link to Candy Sushi.  So of course, I HAD to make it.  Thanks Jo!


Johnny said...

That is pretty cool. Did they taste good?

jo said...

Oh my heck! They do look delicious!
You'll have to tell us how the crowd liked them!

Em-Cat said...

Are you going to share the link? You can't tell us that you went to a website and not's like making candy sushi and keeping it all to yourself! :-)

jo said...
On the above link along with the cute sushi Melissa made there are other links with other cute ways to make sweet and fun sushi!

naomi3 said...

It probably tastes better than the real stuff! I can't stand sushi!