Friday, July 25, 2008

Day 317

Welcome Home
As most of you know, I moved back to my home town at the beginning of the month and as you also know, this weekend is my 20 year high school reunion.  So tonight as I was coming home from work I passed the drive-in that has been a beacon of news since I was a little girl, and saw this sign.  As much as I've gone on about how I didn't like high school and how it was ridiculous for me to revisit a past that I was not a fan of, I've been in touch with several of my old friends and it's been great.  I've loved hearing about their lives and their families.  This sign touched me.  So to all you "Class of 88" friends reading this, it's good to be in touch again, you've always been in my thoughts.


Pioneeress said...

Melissa! I saw your entry on the reunion website. I've missed you! You are in some of my favorite high school memories. "Blind spot!" I see you went to The Police. Didn't we go to Sting together? I'd love to see The Police even more, but I think I've missed that tour. We moved to Memphis 10 days ago and are working hard to get our bearings. Here's my blog.
Much love!! Sarah (Hale) Cresap

Michelle said...

Ha ha ha. Check out this post:

I cropped out the Kirt's sign in favor of bold readability of MY NAME because I am just that vain.

I don't mind missing the reunion at all, but I sure am happy to be able to reconnect with friends from back in the day via the web.