Friday, August 15, 2008

Day 338

Where I Work
While I was walking in to my office this morning it struck me how lovely the courtyard at my office is.  The Eccles Community Arts Center is really a beautiful place, and while I've shot many, many things close up in this courtyard, I haven't taken a lot of pictures of it as a whole.

p.s. This is the opposite view of Day 1.


Pioneeress said...

This is where Clint and I had our wedding reception, so I'm partial to it. It is also where his Grandmother was born and raised as Clint's great great grandfather was David Eccles. I didn't know this when I made the reservations--he's a California boy, so who'd of thunk?

Bee-lissa said...

Wow, Sarah! Your kids are practically royalty in Ogden. :-)