Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day 350

Ogden High School
Not long ago, my friend Sarah requested some photos. This was one on her list, as well as one I had been wanting to photograph for a while. Ogden High is one of 3 Art Deco Buildings in Ogden built during the depression (the Municipal Building and the Forest Service Building are the other two). They are said to be "exceptionally important as the most significant Art Deco structures in Ogden and the State of Utah." And was in fact a New Deal, WPA Building.

So, there you go Sarah, the first from your list. And no, it's not tacky to request art. :-)


Colin Family said...

Wow. What a beautiful high school...very magestic.

Pioneeress said...

Thanks so much for doing that for me, Melissa! You made it look so much more art-deco and gorgeous than I remembered. Thanks for the little Utah fix from this Southerner. I know that it's getting tough, but for all of us, we'll be sad to see this project end!