Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 344

Baylee's Haunted House
My niece Baylee has been wanting me to photograph this house for most of the year, and we finally went today.  Baylee was very brave even when she saw a creepy statue in the window.  :-) 

AND she brought a camera and got some pretty great shots.  It was a very proud moment for me! 


Nicki said...

Very cute! That house looks very
spooky (yet cool!)in the winter
time... My kids swear that it IS

naomi3 said...

Where is the house?

Nathan Crook said...

Hey, that's Blair Simpson's old place in Plain City. I don't think he ever did ANY maintenance to that grand old place in all the time I knew him. Over the years, many teenage boys awoke before dawn to cut Plain City’s most famous crop—asparagus—and I was one of them. He was my first employer and I mention him in a piece I had published in *Junction Magazine*, May 2002. I love that old place--nice pic

Bee-lissa said...

Why yes, yes it is. I forgot you were from Plain City. :-)