Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 365

The Love...
It's amazing what you can learn in a year. 365 short days...okay in this year's case, 366.

I've learned that:
  • I love people.
  • Nature fascinates and frustrates me.
  • I'm easily irritated.
  • The city I live in is beautiful and alive.
  • Kids grow up too fast.
  • Patience is not my strong point.
  • Even when I feel stagnant, I'm moving forward.
  • If I'm not looking, I might miss something very important.
  • God exists and he's everywhere...okay, I already knew that one.
  • Every moment, every millisecond counts.
  • If you go back tomorrow it might not be there.
  • Friends don't go away.
  • I can ALWAYS count on my family.
  • There is beauty in every face.
  • If you're bored, look at it from a new angle.
I could probably go on for pages and pages.

There aren't really words to express what this year has taught me and how much I've grown. This project hasn't been just a "photography" project, it's been a life project. I started this year looking for my photographic style and ended up finding myself. Living life through the lens of a camera has taught me to open my eyes and truly see my world. And it's a pretty incredible place.

So thank you friends who have stuck with me from the beginning. Thank you family who have loved every picture...even the not so good ones. Thank you old friends who have reminded me that you are always there and always supportive. Thank you new friends who have opened my eyes to the beauty and joy of the world. Thank you silent friends who, while I may not be able to see or hear you, you've been a rock to build on.

Mostly, thank you LARA! You have been my constant, my partner in crime, and one of the best friends I could and would ever ask for.

This year will be one for the history books...even if it is only my own.

p.s. Don't forget that this is a leap year and we still have one more day. :-)

NEWS Flash...

Once upon a time, afraid that I was running out of space on Blogger, I thought about shutting down this blog and switching to a different site. So I set up a whole new blog, with all the same pictures and dates, at a place called Aminus3. As it turned out, I figured out the space issue and left this blog running, but left the other running as well. Aminus3 turned out to be an amazing community of photographers from all over the world who helped me tremendously.

Okay, the point of this story is, I was looking around on the website and found my little 365 blog highlighted on the homepage. This is a good day! :-)


Cecily R said...

Beautiful way to end the year Melissa...I LOVED watching you work and be so creative and so alive.


jo said...

I can feel the LOVE!
Thanks for the year of pictures.
LOVEd every one of them.
I'll be looking for one more!
I'd LOVE to know what your new project will be!
LOVE ya-

naomi3 said...

We are going to miss seeing your pictures everyday! I have nothing now to look forward to in computer land! :(
I love your blog. It is the first thing I look for in the mornings. It is such a great way to stay in touch with the ones you love! I love you so much Melissa! You are such a great person! I'm blessed to have you as my niece!
love you tons!

Em-Cat said...

Yes it's all about the LOVE...I'm proud of you sis! I know this year has been frustrating and difficult at times, but I'm so glad you were able to do this and grow so much. I've seen your style just pop out of the pictures you've taken this past year. I've turned photog friends of mine on to your blog and they say they love it and they love your talent. One last thing to remember...even though I AM the "Golden Child" of the family, mom has told me that you're her most creative child...That's it - I'm going to go crawl back into bed and cry myself to sleep! Love you sis!

Michelle said...

Congratulations. This project is big, beautiful and inspiring. I am glad the reunion came when it did so I was able to observe your gorgeous work in action, daily. Hopefully you are bursting with pride at the end of this grand accomplishment.

Nicki said...

Good job Lissa! You have amazing talent and it has been so fun to get up every morning and check out your new pictures! You are amazing... what can I say! Love you tones!

caribickley said...

Okay - first of all I can't believe that you are surprised with the fact that you are becoming famous. Your talent deserves ALL KINDS of recognition. Second - I am trying read between the lines and I think that there is still one more posting. If not then I think that day 365 speaks from your heart. I love it! (no pun intended) Nice job Melissa! You should be so happy with yourself.

Emily said...

congrats of completing your goal. What are you going to do now? Another blog??

Bee-lissa said...

No need to read between the lines Cari, there WILL be one more day.

Thanks to everyone who has commented, you guys are the reason I keep going!