Monday, September 8, 2008

Day 362

My sister-in-law and nieces took me to their neighbor's house tonight and introduced me to Freckles.  Beautiful!  This is one of those cases where the photo just doesn't do it justice. 


Baylee said...

Frecles is a pretty horse but not as pretty as the picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carol Lee Grover said...

My dearest Melissa
I just spent some time on your site looking at all the pictures - you had me crying, laughing and very proud of your talent. My goodness, each one is a prize. How wonderful that you share all this with the world, and that we can enjoy them. Thank you. You are awesome, girl. I just tried to send you a comment, and I don't think it went through, so this is #2 incase it did. Drop me a line, I have a question about blogging.
Love you, so much Thanks again
Aunt Carol
P.S. The picture of you is incredible - and your eyes -WOW!

Em-Cat said...

I was showing this picture of Freckles to Robbie and he got this cute little child-like look on his face and said "I wish Melissa would put me in one of those pictures...sniff." OK - so I added the "sniff," but the poor guy feels bad he never made it onto your 365 blog...after all he is your only brother-in-law! Poor kid...Great picture of Freckles!

Bee-lissa said...

Robbie, it's the end of the project, not the end of the world...I mean blog.