Monday, September 1, 2008

Day 355

The Twelve Year Old
I asked my niece Taylor what I should take a picture of today and without blinking an eye, she answered "Me!"  How do you say no to that?  Better yet, why would you say no to that?  So, here's another picture of Taylor. :-)


jo said...

She gets cuter EVERY Day!

naomi3 said...

When did she turn 12? Off to Young Womens!?

Cecily R said...

Holy CRAP do her parents have a good lock for her door? Because in a few years she is going to be a knock out! I can't believe how much she's changed just since you started posting pics of her last year!

Your pictures are amazing lately, Mel. I LOVE your talent and how much better you've gotten over the year (even though I didn't think that was possible!).


Jason said...

I have recently started viewing your blog on a daily or every few days basis. I hope you continue to keep this blog going, even if it isn't daily in the future. I recently stepped into photography and find your perspective a good means of learning. While you may be tired of the project, don't forget that others are enjoying what you have established.


caribickley said...

What a cutie! But then we already knew that didn't we! Great subject for the day!

Bee-lissa said...

Jo - I know, hu? ;-)

Naomi - Okay, she's not technically 12 yet, she'll turn 12 on her dad's birthday. But she's about 2 weeks away... *sigh*

Cecily - I miss you...Sushi?

Jason - Your comment means alot! I promise, I'm going to continue...after a break.

Cari - You make me happy! :-)

Em-Cat said...

Um...will T quit growing already? Ugh! And I think it's hilarious that any time you write a comment to Cecily you always mention the word "Sushi"...does she even like the stuff yet? You've been trying for years, and I'm not sure she'll ever like need to find a new sushi friend.

Nicki said...

Melissa, I just LOVE this picture!!!We are SO blessed to
have your talent in our family!
I'm just sad that your blog is
almost over, it's too much fun to
check out new pictures every day!