Monday, February 25, 2008

Day 166

This is Sarai (my inspiration for Day 152).  We went shooting on 25th Street tonight for our photography class and she was the only person that would model (not counting the Crazy's).  So Sarai, if you are reading this, we MUST go on an actual shoot so that I can take some real pictures of you.  Bring your calendar to the next class. :-)

If you are interested in the rest of the shoot (including the Crazy's...or, more correctly, one of the Crazy's), click here and look to your heart's content. 


Em-Cat said...

I liked the guy in the he the crazy one you're talking about? He didn't look crazy to me.

Emily and Dustin said...

Love the pictures! They make me miss Ogden, and I was really happy to leave Ogden so that just goes to show how great you are!!!

Cecily R said...

She should LOVE this picture! It's gorgeous!