Saturday, February 16, 2008

Day 157

My Favorite Show
My favorite show of the year at work is the one we do without the Utah Symphony or Ballet West (though I do love the Symphony and the Ballet).  It's a show called A Broadway Valentine and it's starring my friends.  Left to right is Katie Hill (she's new this year and I don't know her), Little Danny Beck (who I've mentioned before and his website is in my list to the right, check him out and buy his CD that will be released soon...we hope), Liz Hansen (who is sweet as can be and a competitive Cowboy Shooter to boot), J. Michael Bailey (who melted me in to a puddle tonight with his version of I'd Rather be Sailing) and Ms. Mary Driggs (who is incomparable and I am at a loss for words). 


jo said...

I miss going to musicals-
*sigh* oh, the good ole days.

Anonymous said...

THAT'S my old roomie, Little Danny Beck?! Wow.