Sunday, January 20, 2008

Day 130

The Linoleum that will Never Die
This Christmas my Dad gave my Mom the gift she's always wanted...her "Dream Kitchen." Well yesterday was demo day and when they pulled up the kitchen floor, this is what appeared. It's the hideous linoleum of my childhood. They spent all day yesterday trying to pry it up from the floor boards and some of it just wouldn't budge. Better luck next time boys. :-)

This should be a fun project to document. I'll keep you informed.


Cecily R said...

We had the same flooring I think when we moved to Utah, only it was brown.

It makes me laugh that you said better luck next timeS. Not too confident it'll work on the NEXT try, hmmmmm?

P.S. Jon didn't get home until well after 8, and then he distracted me with pizza so I forgot to text you. I stink, I know.

Next time? Plllleeeeease?

Em-Cat said...

That is HILARIOUS!!! I can't tell you how many memories came flooding back at the first glance of that picture. Here are a few...
*Tippy - I think I thought of him because that was the linoleum he scavenged on for years. Once mom and dad put carpeting in he was afraid to walk on it.
*remember that time I was stuffing my face just to make dad mad? I have a picture he took of me trying to get away from him...just picture me crawling on that floor with like 5 dinner rolls coming out of my mouth...that was a funny day.
*The uterus clock that matched the linoleum AND the wallpaper...enough said.
* every single meal we had up until I was like 17.

Anonymous said...

Great Photo! The first thing I thought of was the flowered wallpaper. How did we stand it for so long?

naomi3 said...

The Uterus clock, now there is a memory! You guys only put it up when your Dad's sister came for a visit! It was positively the ugliest clock I have ever seen. We sure were amused by it though! It was the brunt of great jokes!

naomi3 said...

Oh Melissa, I also forgot to say that I'm so glad that you will document this because I want to see it so bad! I can't wait to be able to come down and see the whole thing done! So exciting for your Mom!

Bee-Lissa said...

Cec - Thanks for being my spell-checker, and no I think that stuff is down for the count. Let me know when you can go out this week or next. The wait was too long on Friday so I didn't get my Sushi ... again! I'm dying here!

Em - Oh, I can picture it, those were good times.

Sarah - We really didn't have much of a choice.

Naomi - At first the Uterus clock stayed up even when Betty wasn't around. It was only after the first few years that we started bringing it out when they came over. Oi!

jo said...

a uterus clock-----now that's a picture I'd like to see!