Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Day 6


And I'm not talking about the weird vampire book.

If you aren't familiar with my photography, you probably think that I take primarily night time shots. To be honest with you, I really don't. This was meant to be a sunset shot because the sunset tonight was stunning, but I missed the sunset and caught the twilight. It's still pretty. Tomorrow, no nighttime shot...I promise. :-)


Cecily R said...

Funny Twilight comment. I might be the only Mormon female who thinks so, but I do! Tee Hee!

Man you have a great camera!

Emily Gleason said...

Ohhhhh...It makes me miss home! I love that view. Just thought I'd post that next picture could be a crack house or a prostitute since you work in downtown Ogden...wink wink
Love ya,

Papa said...

Well done. Balance and composition are marvelous, darling. I may be old and that may be why I like twilight. Em is weird.

Dustin & Emily said...

Melissa...I am TOTALLY obsessed w/ the Twilight series (ah, Edward...he's such a hottie) and thought your comment was hillarious. Oh, yeah, and the picture was nice too : ) Check out D's and my blog!