Friday, September 12, 2008

Day 366 - The actual end of my year

The End...
...actually, I think it's more of a beginning.

As I posted yesterday's photo, I realized something. I DON'T WANT THIS TO END! Now don't get too excited, I was serious about needing a break, and I'm going to take one. But what ever you do, don't write me off. I will keep this blog going! The only difference will be that I'm not going to stress out. If I miss a day here and there, well, that's just the way it is.

If you want to check out my Aminus3 site, you can find it here. There will be a post there daily, not necessarily new stuff, but different stuff. I will be back here soon!

NOW, I have a request. I know there are ALOT of people out there who lurk on this site...meaning you are loyal "readers" and while you may not check every day, you check me out a lot. This means that you know all about me, but I know nothing about you.

So, think of this post as a GUESTBOOK. Old friends, new friends, family, and SILENT friends (even if you are a frequent commenter), PLEASE, PLEASE, leave me a comment! You don't have to give out any personal information, I'd just like some small remembrance of you.

Thanks again everyone!


Jason said...

Congrats! Great pic to end the year. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

Anonymous said...

YAY! I noticed that there was no STOP sign in your latest pix! I've been here since day I have a request:
WHAT THE HECK was that picture entitield PROCRASTINATION?? I feel I need a reward for being so loyal from the beginning!
You know me as Jo....aka Roberta...aka ^Shannon^ Shane and Dustin's mom. You already knew that but I don't know that others do.
Your faithful lurker-

Nathan Crook said...

One word regarding 366: Whimsical.


caribickley said...

Melissa -
Simply - you are amazing! Thank you for the fun journey - even though I started late. It has been a lot of fun. HUGS

zwigerth said...


It was a great year.

Karrie said...

Very nice ending to 365 days. Even though I started late with you as well, I was so glad I found you. See, good things can come from an un-attended reunion. You are so, if I may revert back to the 80's totally awesome!!!! I am so glad to hear that this is also not the end. You have great work. I look forward to more.

Em-Cat said...

T and B make a great "D"! What a beautiful end to a wonderful beginning! I'm so glad you're continuing, now Robbie won't feel so left out...he'll get a chance to be on your blog some day - maybe when J-Dawg gets here! Love you're amazing!

Em-Cat, Rob G-Thang and Little J-Dawg

Cecily R said...

Me? Silent? Never!!!! I want you to know that I saw every picture you posted. And I am so excited you are keeping it going!!!!

Emily and Dustin said...

Good job, Melissa! I'm glad you are going to keep the blog alive and well!

Michelle said...

I love the photo of "The End" but I love even more that this post is not actually the end. Thanks for sharing your beautiful talent. No hiding under bushels for you!

Unknown said...

Good Job Melissa, What a great project.

Steph said...

I loved watching your pictures! (I saw every one) You are so talented! I'm glad to know you wont be done for good.
Thanks for a great year!

Em-Cat said...

P.S...The links to your Aminus3 site don't work.

Melissa said...

Try them again, I fixed them yesterday.

co•lin fam•i•ly said...


I think I started about Day 18...and what a year it has been. A faithful 'lurker' you gave me something to view each and everyday. Weid as this sounds somedays I saved whatever post you had till the end of the day so that I knew when I went to my computer I had at least one thing to actually look at! :)

I, too, am excited to see blogging more forward, I was sad to think I wouldn't have something! :)

Thank you!

Tiffany West said...

Hey, I guess that was aimed at me. I love you pics, and think you do great work! Keep it up!

Rebecca said...

So Melissa...I just found this amazing blog and spent the last hour or so looking at your amazing work. Me thinks I may have to lift the idea.
BTW, you ever thought about teaching photography classes? I would be the first one to sign up. Let me know!
Good stuff!

Rebecca said...

PS Might be highlighting you on my blog if you don't mind. I find this site so inspiring.

Sheri said...

Wow! You are AMAZING! Thank you for the pictures. And for your insight. Wish we lived closer. We love our pics from the reunion. I am still looking for the perfect frames for them. Love ya.

TheDooleys4 said...

I have em-cat to thank for introducing me to your blog.(Did you know she sent an e-mail out to all her friends on day 1?) I have truly enjoyed peeking at your pictures. You do fantastic work. I will check back often.
Rachel Maw Dooley

JJ said...

Thank you so much for sharing the world through your eyes. You truly have a gift.