Monday, March 10, 2008

Day 180

Stone Church
Tonight, my search for a photo took me to Farmington.  Farmington is full of rock, churches, restaurants, office buildings, you name it.  It's really a beautiful town.

P.S.  If you saw this post before March 11th at 8:04 p.m. and read Dale's comments, you'll know he was absolutely right.  SO, I re-posted.  Thanks for being my photography conscience Dale!

1 comment:

Dale said...

Wow, what a great photo, love the colors, the texture, the way the white window stands out, the way the blue curtain blends with the stones and makes the window stand out that much more.

Again wow, but the are two things keeping this from being a great photo, one, the window is not vert., its off, which takes away from your composition, and two, the little piece of white, I guess is part of another window or door, it's white and light and my eyes want to go look at it, and you don't want that.

So, if it was my photo, kind of wish it were;), I would rotate just a hair, crop about as much or clone out the little piece of white.

You got me all fired up ready to go to Farmington.