Thursday, December 13, 2007

Day 92

Steel Life
Lara is a photo title genius!


Shameless Pimp of ME:

It's official, I'm can be bought! I've been having computer issues, and I need a new one. Specifically, I need a MAC. So, I'm saving my pennies and pimping myself out. I've decided that it's time to post prices and start charging. So, my plea to you is this:

a) If you or someone you know needs family/individual/whatever (within reason) pictures taken, my prices are now listed to the right. Send me an email and we'll hook up...for photos. :-)

b) If I have taken photos of you, your kids, or someone you them off, then give out all the information you have for me...including my website (which is under construction, but the address is: and tell people to GET IN TOUCH WITH ME!

c) Visit this links:

and buy prints of your favorite photos. You'll have a stunning print and you'll be helping me at the same time.

d) Just keep checking my blog and sending me good Juju.


jo said...

You'll do great.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dustin and Emily's Christmas pictures. They are absolutely just the cutest poses.

Em-Cat said...

I'm so proud of you sis! What an awesome website! You'll definitely get people wanting more of you. Though under the title "Weddings" you should just say "Wedding" since mine is the only one you have posted there!

Cecily R said...


What you-pimp you are! I'll start using your website in my links. And I send people over. And, and, and. You are still always welcome on the back field.

So, sushi? I apparently need to try it. I am giving in to peer pressure.

Cecily R said...

Oh, and Steel Life? Genious.

Bee-Lissa said...

Jo - Dustin and Emily are pretty dang cute themselves. Thanks for the JUJU.

Em - Good point.

Cec - You say when for Sushi, we can go to lunch soon or wait for the Soy-tard. Whenever...I'm there!

...and, you're a sixy genious!

rachel said...

ohhhh, i love this photo and i would probably buy one if i didn't need a new mac myself. and car. and house.


naomi3 said...

Hey Woman,
Your website is awesome! I wish we lived there so you could take our pictures! I hated the Walmart Studio! Cheap pictures! I have been saying you should start taking pictures for money! Start a business etc. As for my blog, I'm at a stand still, and it will only get worse as school begins next month! YIKES!
Love you girl!